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  US New Orders, Shipments, Inventories .. (DURABLE GOODS) (m3)  
AGGREGATES TOTALSA31C         Ferrous metal foundriesA33H         Ventilation, heating, air-conditA34E             Communications eqpt mnfg, defensA36A         Automobile mnfgA36L             Ship & boat building, nondefenseAMNM Nondurable GoodsA16S     Leather & Allied ProductsA26S     Plastics & Rubber ProductsADXT Durable Goods Excluding TransporA28C A28CSeasAdjABUS ABUSSeasAdjAMX1 AMX1SeasAdj
AMTM TOTAL MANUFACTURINGA32S     Fabricated Metal ProductsA33I         Metalworking machinery mnfgA34Y         Search & Navigation Eqpt, TotalA36B         Light truck & utility vehicle mnA36M             Ship & boat building, defenseA11S     Food ProductsA23A     Printing & Related Support ActivA26A         Tire mnfgADXD Durable Goods Excluding DefenseA28M A28MSeasAdjACOS ACOSSeasAdjAMX2 AMX2SeasAdj
AMXT Mnfg Excluding TransportationA32A         Forging & stampingATGP         Turbines, Generators, & Other PoA34F         Audio & video eqptA36C         Heavy duty truck mnfgA36J         NPBI .. Missile, space vehicle, A11A         Grain & oilseed millingA22S     Paper ProductsA26B         Other plastics & rubber product AMXA All Mnfg Excluding Aircraft & PaA29M A29MSeasAdjADEP ADEPSeasAdj
AMXD Mnfg Excluding DefenseA32B         Cutlery & handtool mnfgA33J             Turbine & generator mnfgA34H         Other electronic component mnfgABTP         Motor Vehicle Bodies, Trailers, A36K         NPBI .. Railroad rolling stockA11B         Dairy product mnfgA22A         Pulp, paper, & paperboard millsA27A     Nonmetallic Mineral Product MnfgADXA Durables Excluding Aircraft & PaA30M A30MSeasAdjAHCP AHCPSeasAdj
AMTU Mnfg with Unfilled OrdersA32C         Boiler, tank, & shipping containA33K             Other power transmission eqpt mnA34I         Search & navigation eqpt, nondefA36D             Motor vehicle body & trailer mnfA36N         NPBI .. Other transportation eqpA11C         Meat, poultry, & seafood productA22B         Paperboard container mnfgMORE AGGREGATESADXC Durables Excluding Capital GoodsA32M A32MSeasAdjAHDG AHDGSeasAdj
DURABLE GOODSA32D         Metal valve mnfgA33M         Material handling eqpt mnfgA34J         Search & navigation eqpt, defensA36E             Motor vehicle parts mnfgA37S     Furniture & Related ProductsA11D         NPBI .. Other food mnfgA22C         NPBI .. Other paper mnfgACMS Construction Materials & SupplieMISC A34M A34MSeasAdjAHGA AHGASeasAdj
AMDM Durable GoodsA32x         Small Arms & Ordnance, TotalA33B         NPBI .. Lawn & garden tractors &A34K         Electromedical, measuring, & conANAP         Nondefense Aircraft & PartsA37A         Household furniture & kitchen caA12S     Beverage & Tobacco ProductsA23S     PrintingAITI Information Technology IndustrieA20A A20ASeasAdjA35H A35HSeasAdjAMAE AMAESeasAdj
A21S     Wood ProductsA32E             Small arms & ordnance mnfg, defeA33F         NPBI .. Vending, laundry, & otheA34G         NPBI .. Semiconductor & related A36F             Aircraft mnfg, nondefenseA37B         Office furniture & InstitutionalA12A         Beverage mnfgA24S     Petroleum & Coal ProductsACRP Computers & Related ProductsA20B A20BSeasAdjA35M A35MSeasAdjAMDU AMDUSeasAdj
A21A         Wood building & mobile home mnfgA32F             Small arms & ordnance mnfg, nondA33L         NPBI .. Pump & compressor mnfgA34L         NPBI .. Mnfg & reproducing magneA36H             Aircraft engine & parts mnfg, noA37C         Other furniture related product A12B         Tobacco mnfgA24A         Petroleum refineriesAMVP Motor Vehicles & PartsA20D A20DSeasAdjA37M A37MSeasAdjAMNU AMNUSeasAdj
A21B         Other wood mnfgA32G         Other fabricated metal product mA33N         NPBI .. All other machinery mnfgA35S     Electronic Eqpt, Appliances & CoADAP         Defense Aircraft & PartsA39S     Miscellaneous productsA13A     Textile MillsA24B             NPBI .. Asphalt paving, roofing,ATCG Capital GoodsA20E A20ESeasAdjA37Z A37ZSeasAdjAOMP AOMPSeasAdj
A27S     Nonmetallic Mineral ProductsA33S     MachineryA34S     Computer & Electronic ProductsA35A         Electric light eqpt mnfgA36G             Aircraft mnfg, defenseA39A         Medical eqpt & supplies mnfgA13S     TextilesA24C             NPBI .. Other petroleum & coal pANDE Nondefense Capital GoodsA20M A20MSeasAdjA38C A38CSeasAdjASX1 ASX1SeasAdj
A31S     Primary MetalsA33A         Farm machinery & eqpt mnfgA34A         Electronic computer mnfgA35B         Household appliance mnfgA36I             Aircraft engine & parts mnfg, deA39B         Sporting goods, doll, toy, & gamA14A     Textile Product MillsA25S     Chemical ProductsANXA Nondefense Capital Goods ExcludiA21M A21MSeasAdjA38D A38DSeasAdjASX2 ASX2SeasAdj
A31A         Iron & steel mills & ferroalloy A33C         Construction machinery mnfgA34B         Computer storage device mnfgA35C         Electrical eqpt mnfgA36X         Aircraft, TotalA39C         Office supplies (except paper) mA14S     Textile ProductsA25A         Pesticide, fertilizer, & other aADEF Defense Capital GoodsA22M A22MSeasAdjA38F A38FSeasAdjASX3 ASX3SeasAdj
AANM         Aluminum & Nonferrous Metal ProdA33D         Mining, oil, & gas field machineA34C         Other computer peripheral eqpt mA35D         Battery mnfgA36Y         Aircraft Engines & Parts, TotalA39D         Other miscellaneous mnfgA15A     Apparel MnfgA25B         Pharmaceutical & medicine mnfgACOG Consumer GoodsA26C A26CSeasAdjA38M A38MSeasAdjASX4 ASX4SeasAdj
A31B             Alumina, aluminum & nonferrous mA33E         Industrial machinery mnfgA34X         Communication EqptA35E         NPBI .. Other electrical eqpt, aAACP         Aircraft And PartsAODG     Other Durable GoodsA15S     ApparelA25C         Paint, coating, & adhesive, mnfgACDG Consumer Durable GoodsA26M A26MSeasAdjA38X A38XSeasAdjASX5 ASX5SeasAdj
A31D             Nonferrous metal foundriesA33G         Photographic eqpt mnfgA34D             Communications eqpt mnfg, nondefA36S     Transportation EqptA36Z         Ships & BoatsNONDURABLE GOODS (NONDURABLES)A16A     Leather & Allied Product MnfgA25D         NPBI .. Other chemical mnfgACNG Consumer Nondurable GoodsA28A A28ASeasAdjAAUE AAUESeasAdjATPD ATPDSeasAdj
www.census.gov/indicator/www/m3/, | Source : US Bureau of the Census and EconStats | http://www.census.gov/manufacturing/m3/historical_data/index.html |    Note : figures are in millions of dollars per MONTH. Figures have NOT been converted to Yearly rates. A p indicates preliminary data. | A34L__ | Column (1) ___ : NAICS code : A34LVS | Units : Mil$ seas adj Code A34LVS 764 Column (2) ___ : NAICS code : A34LNO | Units : Mil$ seas adj Code A34LNO 765 Column (3) ___ : NAICS code : A34LUO | Units : Mil$ seas adj Code A34LUO 766 Column (4) ___ : NAICS code : A34LTI | Units : Mil$ seas adj Code A34LTI 767 Column (5) ___ : NAICS code : A34LMI | Units : Mil$ seas adj Code A34LMI 768 Column (6) ___ : NAICS code : A34LWI | Units : Mil$ seas adj Code A34LWI 769 Column (7) ___ : NAICS code : A34LFI | Units : Mil$ seas adj Code A34LFI 770
EconStats does not guarantee the accuracy of this data. 20131030
StD and Correlation statistics are calculated from 1991 or as available. Correlations are made against industrial production for monthly data and GDP for quarterly and yearly data. The data is transformed by taking the natural log of the column's current and lagged values. iGrp(110)