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Capacity Utilization
Industrial Production TOTAL (nsa)   Aerospace and miscellaneous transp   Other manufacturing   Iron and steel products   Oil and gas extraction  
Manufacturing (SIC-based)   Furniture and related product   Mining   Transportation equipment   Mining (except oil and gas)  
Manufacturing (NAICS-based)   Miscellaneous   Electric and gas utilities   Automobile and light duty motor ve   Coal mining  
Durable manufacturing   Nondurable manufacturing   Computers, communications eq., and   Food   Metal ore mining  
Wood product   Food, beverage, and tobacco   Computer and peripheral equipment   Beverage and tobacco product   Nonmetallic mineral mining and qua  
Nonmetallic mineral product   Textiles and products   Communications equipment   Textile mills   Support activities for mining  
Primary metal   Apparel and leather goods   Semiconductors and related equipme   Textile product mills   Electric power generation, transmi  
Fabricated metal product   Paper   Total ex. computers, communication   Apparel   Natural gas distribution  
Machinery   Printing and related support activ   Manufacturing ex. computers, commu   Leather and allied product   Manufacturing ex. hi-tech and moto  
Computer and electronic product   Petroleum and coal products   Crude processing (capacity)   Plastics material and resin  
Electrical equipment, appliance, a   Chemical   Primary & semifinished processing   Synthetic rubber  
Motor vehicles and parts   Plastics and rubber products   Finished processing (capacity)   Artificial and synthetic fibers an